The ARK brand of faucets launched three decades back, pioneered organized manufacturing of sanitary fittings in Northern India. Over this period of thirty years ARK has established itself quite prominently as a major player in the sanitary fittings Industry, and enjoys patronage from dealers and end consumers, all over the country. One of the other major distinguishing features that separates ARK from others of its ilk in this industry is the manner of its operations. ARK products are backed by sound, systems based functioning. Products are delivered to dealers via the route of bank through documents, products are serviced at the consumer's end by an efficient team of Service Technicians, support to dealers is provided by a dedicated team of Sales Personnel, and through all other means of modern promotional method like TV advertisments, promotional hoardings, glow signs, publication insertions and by means of participation in exhibitions and new products are designed by taking due consideration of customer feedback, trends in the market and feasibility as per given water supply conditions.

ARK sanitary fittings have bathroom solutions for all kinds of customers and budgets. The basic entry product ranges called the 'PRUEDENCE' have conventional chrome finish products that are very popular for apartments and other similar institutional projects. Supreme, the most popular range to come from the stable of ARK, is a hit with those consumers who prefer reliability and simplicity in design. In the history of sanitary fittings in India, Supreme must count as one of the forerunners in terms of both sales and performance. ARK believes Bathrooms just like other rooms of their house are a reflection of the personality of the householder. These ARK PREMIUM ranges combine reliability and performance with the properties of convenience in operation, pleasing designs and a large variety of options to choose from. AVANT GARDE are contemporary Single Lever ranges.

ARK products strive to bring a blend of the latest designs to strike a note in European and American markets with what works in the realities of Indian plumbing systems. What comes out of ARK stables are therefore workable performance oriented solutions for the end consumers, moulded to the latest trends, encompassing the latest technologies and having the latest of finishes.

ARK products use state of the art Spindle Assemblies in their products. ARK is perhaps the only brand in India which gives its user the luxury of half turn fittings as well as full turn fittings. The spindle used for its Quarter turn fittings is unique and has the ability to withstand problems of scaling generally encountered for such spindles in the country. ARK uses European ceramic cartridges for its Single Levers, that reisists wear and tear even under rough usage. ARK offers multiple choice of handles for its conventional range of fittings( The Supreme range is available in choices of three handles, namely the Tumbler handle, the Standard handle, Aster & Basil). The ARK stable of products also include concepts like hospital fittings that feature elbow action taps, flush valves and flush cocks, two way fittings, bidets, hose connection fittings, bottle traps, etc. ARK offers most of its Basin mixers with options of pop up combinations. And to give its end consumers the luxury of maintaining a sense of decor, most of ARK's faucets come with a matching set of bathroom accessories. In keeping with the trend of offering unique solutions to