Crystal has Zonal managers looking after the sales in each region of the country. The Zonal managers have area sales managers for every important territory in the region and sales representatives as well as project representatives who report to them. The Zonal Managers report the Top management. The sales staff is supported by several locally placed service technicians and plumbers who are constantly on toes addressing customer queries, and advising dealers, customers and sales staff on the latest offerings from Crystal's stables, their fitment procedure, functions, benefits and their ideal places of installation.


The brass fittings of Crystal have a copper component that is about 60% of the Alloy mix, the remaining mix being Zinc that is about 38.5%, and Lead, Aluminum etc that are less than 1.5%. As a general rule, for Casting, we follow IS 1264:1997 of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Only those pieces of casted brass is processed further that are free from any surface impurities. Standardized dies, taps, tools and mandrills are used in machining to ensure that all products manufactured are true to specifications. There is a team of inspectors, continuously engaged in testing these products vis- -vis specifications. Inspection of Fittings is a two-tier process in Crystal. Fittings are first tested, as per IS 2500:2000 on AQL 0.25 using random sampling and subsequently online for leakages, handle movements and surface finishes.

Crystal ensures a plated finish thickness of 0.3-0.7 microns of chrome and 10-14 microns of nickel. The ARK chrome plating has a reputation of consistency and endurance acquired through scores of satisfied customers over the years.


ARK has a multi stage inspection programme for its fittings. Every part of the fittings supplied to the dealer would have undergone rigorous scrutiny after the processes of casting, machining, finishing and assembly. Finished products are additionally checked for the strength of coat and resistance to impact and chemical reaction. For assembled products a two tier system of inspection is used, first a ISI based method of inspection of all dimensions and features before depatch to the warehouse, and then 100% inspection of all fittings at the warehouse


ARK products use some of the best packing methods available. Each range is distinguished by its own unqiue colour and all conventional products have the protection of high grade polythene bags and a four or five ply corrugated box. Single Levers come with additional protection in the form of high density thermocol packing. Each of the over three hundred products offered by ARK come in their own patent box.


ARK understands the importance of service and maintenance as far as the sanitary fittings inductry is concerned. Because conditions of low pressure, impurities in water supply and water hammer, water pilferage, etc the end consumer, in India, is likely to face problems of inconsistent water supply. It is no hidden fact that in India, only the simplest fittings work perfectly, the more complicated the designs of the internal system, the more problems occur due to choking and water scaling etc. That is why ARK has designed fittings that suit these Indian condtions, fittings that avoid choking and scaling and yet are every bit modern and stylish in design. For solving the consumer's problems with water supply, ARK stocks its dealers with all kinds of spare parts and has a ready team of service technicians who are available at short notices for problem solving and consultation. In an effort to reduce the time lag between requests for service and availability of service personnel, ARK has increased the presence of company trained but locally available service personnel at all critical areas (areas of higher consumer density and in areas that have very dismal quality of water supply).


ARK encourages its dealers to follow correct and formal procedures of accounting, logistics, material delivery and payments. Material is delivered through means of release of documents through payments made at banks. Almost all transportation companies that operate through North India, have had very cordial relations with ARK, and material is delivered safely and promptly to almost all corners of the country.


ARK has always believed in offering its valuable consumers, trouble free performance from its products year after year. Although the performance of sanitary fittings products is dependent, to quite an extent, on the conditions of water supply and the quality of plumbing, ARK consumers benefit by getting prompt and efficient service from trained company professionals. ARK products are backed by an experienced and dedicated team of technical experts who routinely conduct analysis on the more than 300 existing designs, that are in ARK's portfolio, in a bid to make them appropriate for modern usage. The technical team also carry out all kinds of research on new concepts and designs before offering them for usage to our esteemed customers.