Ark in its modern avatar, now is a One shop window, housing implements, that cater to the myriad needs of water, when used as a substance for cleansing and washing. Ark always had been the most trusted brand in its category, renowned for its quality and trouble free performance. In the first decade of the new millennium, Ark has now reinvented itself as a leading brand ushering in innovation and modern features in its sanitary faucets, showers and accessories.

CRYSTAL now a no. of collaborations with leading manufacturers in Europe that have enabled us to address the evolving needs and aspirations of the contemporary Indian bath and wash room users.

Through our collaboration with Bossini, CRYSTAL was the first to introduce Dream and LED showers in India, which now come in with audio and aroma support as well.

We offer the biggest range of solutions among all contemporary brands in water saving apparatus. Through Hygieia and Xenios we offer water saving in the form of a variety of auto closing faucets, some using Spring mechanisms, others using solenoid valve based sensors while the new digital range encompasses timer based features as well. Our association with Neoperl has given the Indian customer local, easily implementable solutions for restricting and streamlining water discharge. We were also the first nationwide sanitary fittings brand to popularise Pressure Boosting solutions and Processes for automatic filling of storage tanks.

Ark has a state of the art Design and Quality laboratory dedicated to extensive checks based on modern pneumatic as well as hydraulic methods that ensure zero Defect dispatches to its retailers and end customers. The approach and intent of CRYSTAL  management is lead by the dynamic Ms Gauri Singh is to provide the modern customer products that rival those available in Europe while keeping up to its old standards of Reliability and trouble free performance.

CRYSTAL  believes in empowering its employees and we have established rigorous training programmes to our team members especially those in the field so as to have an attitude of empathy and service w.r.t the needs of our customers. Ms Arti Khanna Ghai directs training and service operations that focuses on building long lasting relationships with all our customers.

The drive to make Ark brand more contemporary has been lead by our CEO Sh Amit Khanna, who has also spearheaded programmes for modernisation of Production and Inspection. Ark is now becoming increasingly popular with the elite and metropolis customers as we have offered them a slew of time saving mechanisms that help them manage their washing and cleansing needs around their work times. At the same time we have also introduced a no. of features to make the bath and wash more comfortable and delightful. This drive towards modernity is being manifested by Sh Akash Ghai and Sh SS Shandilaya.

The top management of CRYSTAL  is fortunate to have a strong middle Management team and Zonal marketing Heads who are all leaders in their own right and have been successfully executing plans of product development and market penetration and expansion whilst strengthening old bonds and existing business relationships. The legacy of our founder Sh RK Khanna successfully carries on as Ark traces its own unique path, remaining dedicated to providing ever improving and innovative solutions for the bath and cleaning needs of the modern Indian customer.