Bath Accessories

Without a doubt, the bathroom is an integral part of our home. We use it for a daily bath, face wash, and other things as well. The bathroom is something which can't be compromised at any cost. Having the best quality bathroom fitting accessories is a necessity as your day starts and ends with the bathroom. And having a premium collection of Bathroom fittings helps to enhance your daily experience.

Crystal Faucets provide the best bathroom fitting accessories. We at Ark see ourselves as coworkers with water, collaborating on a labour of love with this immortal element to restore the promise of plenty to the Indian User. That we have gained a niche place in our clients' hearts via our over six decades of devotion to our Aqueous Alliance speaks credence to our goal. 

Through appropriate location-based designs and long-lasting performance, we seek to supply our clients with faucets that distribute water in forms that pleasure our users. We have the most extensive collection of bathroom fitting products highest grade of quality.

When water running through the precisely machined chambers of our faucets and showers wets you in a calm joy, we promise you a sensation of magical amazement. Our goal is to provide our Indian customers with a slew of top-of-the-line Quality Bathroom Fitting Products that combine European style and grandeur. While maintaining a rigid Indian core, a meeting of the two worlds manifests unique bath fittingsshowers, spouts, body jets, steam room accessories, tubs and shower panels that can thrive in Indian conditions of varying water pressure and salinity.

All the while, we are conscious of our responsibility as corporate citizens of the planet to preserve the same abundance of the element above for future generations by incorporating implements that can control/ regulate water discharge, i.e. saving water on the one hand while increasing discharge/ flow rate where necessary. Since its inception, Ark has been known for its product dependability, time-tested quality endurance, and dedication to servicing long after the warranty period has expired.

Bathroom solutions from ARK sanitary fittings are available for a wide range of clients and budgets. The 'PRUDENCE' primary entry product lines contain traditional chrome finish components that are particularly popular for flats and other comparable institutional projects. Supreme, the most popular variety from the ARK stable, is a favourite with customers who value dependability and simplicity in design. The ARK PREMIUM series of bathroom fittings combine reliability and performance with the benefits of ease of use, appealing styles, and a wide selection of alternatives.

CRYSTAL has a number of relationships with top European manufacturers, allowing us to satisfy the increasing demands and expectations of contemporary Indian bath and washroom customers. We were the first in India to develop Dream and LED showers, which now include audio and scent support, thanks to our relationship with Bossing.

Enhance your bathing experience with our wide range and high in quality bathroom fitting products.