We at Ark would rather, that our products speak about us, essentially for us the experience that our customers get with our products, is the only real communication that matters. But we agree that in this age of Information explosion, customers are looking for information, products that match their needs or at times, products and services that meet their taste. We see our communication as a narrative that highlights the features of the product and how it could address the needs and tastes of our potential customers.

Ark has traditionally used magazines and other publications to talk to our potential customers about our products. Customers who are building homes or renovating their existing homes, look for products here. Dealer shops are also a place where Ark showcases the features of its products to potential customers at the point and time of purchase. We have attractive designs for Glow signs, posters and standardized Product displays that retailers can use to increase their off take of the brand. Danglers, coasters, gifts for architects and plumbers are of high quality and long-lasting. We remain open to other ideas, like wall paintings, hoardings and other effective media to help reach our potential customers.

Ark is in this business for more than 5 decades and our values include honesty, integrity and sincerity. This goes for our media and communication as well. We believe in building long term relationships with our retailers and end customers and we know that strong relationships are built on integrity, honesty and be delivering what is promised. Hence our media and communication remains true to our product offering.