Crystal has always shared a very warm and cordial relationship with its dealers. The most important feature in this relationship has been the concept of an extended family that the company has espoused to share with them. It is a known fact in the Indian sanitary fittings Industry that the dealers of Crystal earn the highest margins in this product category. The ARK dealers are our torch bearers and the main access point of our product the company's circulatory nerves & veins.

This has been possible because Crystal has always pursued policies that seek to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the dealers. Instead of indulging in anti-customer activities like Image building Crystal has always put the dealer at the top rung in most of its marketing related efforts along with the customer. This has lead to division of benefits across all parties associated with Crystal brands.

The company plan to stick to this strategy in the future too, by providing the customer innovative and high quality products, and by rewarding the dealers as well as the intermediaries for the key roles played by them in bringing the brand close to the customer.